2017 August 9 Update:
All credit card payment getaway!

Instagram Services have been updated with new features!

Published on 18-08-2017

Instagram Images Selection feature is BACK with a bang!

how instagram images selection work

It is great news for our customers that you won't need to do that repetitious Instagram posts links copying and pasting job in order to get likes, comments or views on your images or videos on Instagram. We only need your Instagram username now, that's it! Just enter your username, click "next steps" and a bunch of your latest images will appear, just tick the ones you would like to get engagement on and checkout through Paypal. Simple as that.

This feature was already available a little while ago on Buysocialmediamarketing, but now we have came with a way better solution and more functionalities. For those who are ordering Instagram Followers you can now be sure that you have entered correct details, we will show your instagram profile picture along with your current followers count for you to confirm and make sure that it is your Instagram account. This way we can be sure that you have entered correct details and we can start delivery immediately after your payment is made. Instagram Followers delivery after this update is fast as never before.

how custom instagram comments service work

New service - Custom Instagram Comments

We have been asked to provide this service by our customers hundreds of times, and here it is! It is super easy and convenient to use it on computer, smartphone or tablet. Just type in your Instagram username and email address (it is used to inform you about your order status).

The ordering process of custom instagram comments is:

  1. Select custom comments package
  2. Enter Instagram username & contact email
  3. Select images you would like to add custom comments on
  4. Enter your own comments for each picture separately
  5. Checkout through Paypal

This service is as fast as our other instagram services, it has "Instant delivery" which means that custom instagram comments orders are usually started in 10 minutes or less after your order is placed.

We strive to provide the best experience for our customers. If you have any suggestions or requirement how we can make it even better please reach us out, we are waiting for your suggestions!



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